Designed and Ready

These are some cakes which are already designed and are just ready for you to order.


Simply include the cake name and the size you want when you contact me. Some of the cakes can be made taking into account a number of diets, so let me know of any special dietary requirements when you contact me.


Drop me an email at or call 07701 062137

If you would like something a little different, drop me a line and I can work with you to create a cake to fit your needs.

Cutting and Carving

My cakes are all pretty tall so a slice yields a LOT of cake. Remember that with each size increase the cake will get taller too!

I always recommend to cut your cakes in a grid pattern, it makes life a lot easier and allows you to get on with your day. Cutting in this way also allows you to get more portions out of a cake than the traditional wedges.

5 inch cake – will feed around 8 people (AKA the ‘mini cake’)

6 inch cake – will easily feed 16 people when cut in a grid

7 inch cake – you’ll get approx. 24 portions when cut in a grid

8 inch cake – is a whopper and will serve up to 40 if you cut like a champ

Remember the cakes are tall, so each piece you cut holds A LOT of cake!

The Cakes

Cakey Staples Chocolate Loaded Cake fromCakey Staples All-in Chocolate Loaded Cake fromCakey Staples Unicorn fromCakey Staples Oreo Loaded fromCakey Staples Ferrero Roche Cake fromCakey Staples Flower Crown Cake fromCakey Staples Ice Cream Drop Cake fromCakey Staples Pastel Cake fromCakey Staples The Kitty fromCakey Staples Summer Fruit Tier Cake fromCakey Staples Chocolate Loaded Tier Cake from