How it works

The design

It always helps if you have an idea of the kind of cake you would like for your occasion, but it isn’t essential.  I can work with you to formulate the cake of your dreams and we can do this from a flavour or a colour or a hobby; the smallest detail can provide all I need to come up with the design for your special cake.



I will come back to you with a ideas and a quote for your cake. If you have been quite specific about your requirements it will probably just detail the cake, otherwise I usually try to supply at least two different design/layout options to give you a choice.



Once we have worked through your requirements and nailed down which cake you would like, I will send you a booking form which will confirm all the details and will also include payment information and pick-up details.



It is always best to contact me as soon as you can to book your cake in to ensure you get the slot you require as I can get quite booked up; a month is usually good but the more notice the better. Still get in contact me if you have a cake emergency as if I can fit you in, I will as I hate to see an occasion with no cake; its the stuff of Cakey nightmares!



To secure your booking I will ask for a minimum of a 50% payment to be made a month (30 days) before your event which you can do by bank transfer or by cash. Usually you can still make alterations to your cake order up to a week before the event, we can discuss and see what is possible – I appreciate there can always be last minute changes to events.

All payment information and terms and conditions are detailed in the booking form which I will send you when you are booking your cake in.



Your cake will be ready from the morning of your pick-up day. I will contact you in the days before to arrange what time you would like to pick-up, I work from home, but it is always good to have an idea of your arrival time – you would not believe how many times I can visit the supermarket in one day (my record so far was 6, the 7th time I sent the other half!). Your cake will be packaged up in a white box, quite often my cakes are very tall so the box will have extenders to make the box taller and to allow the lid to go on, but sometimes you will be able to see the cake through little windows in the side. If you want your cake to be completely closed in, let me know and I can do this for you.