Taking on the challenge

We all make these promises to ourselves ‘the diet starts tomorrow’, ‘I will walk rather and not use the car’, ‘I must only buy one pair of shoes a month… OK maybe two’; my promise was that I would write a new blog post every month. For a while I stuck with that, but then the Cakey kitchen went a bit crazy and I had a lot of orders to get out. So really this is a long winded way of saying sorry for not writing sooner!

In the last *mumbles* months since my last post a LOT of cake has passed through the Cakey kitchen. Owls, flowers, magic, disco balls, cheesecake cake(!), gold drip cakes, turtles, sequins…the list goes on. It has been a blast. These challenges have culminated in two of the most awesome cakes I have ever worked on, both delivered on the same day.

First was a Peter Rabbit naming day cake complete with a sugar craft Peter Rabbit sitting atop the creation along with a multitude of sugar craft veggies, grass and fencing.

Photo 10-11-2017, 09 00 44

The other, a birthday cake for triplets who are in to My Little Pony, Iron Man and dinosaurs. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a way to meld these all into one scene so I set about finding a way to create a cake that would delight each triplet equally. The cake was split into 3 with each third of the cake concentrating on the theme each of the little wonders are in to. It was wonderful to be involved in a project that involves so much work in one place – all those details and all that ‘theme-ing’ to fit in to just one cake.

File 20-12-2017, 14 50 18

When I started out in my official capacity as Cakey Weller just over a year ago the thought of producing a cake like either of these, let alone both in a week, would have left me a little faint. But now? I can safely say it has been my highlight week so far. Yes they both had their challenges but it is great to gather up my (multitude of) fondant tools and go to battle with the kilos of fondant that occupy my kitchen to produce some cakes that add that bit extra to an occasion and dare I say it, the wow factor…

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