Meet my kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of our home in the Cakey household or at least we have made it that way. It wasn’t always like this; when we first moved in to our house 3 and a half years ago it was a small, dark room with no natural light with old, tired decor and cupboards that had seen better days. The only thing for it was to rip it out. All of it. Including a wall! After some hard work from Mr Cakey and I we had the kitchen we wanted – nothing like an unexpected pregnancy to get you moving! Light, bright and full of my gadgetry with my Rangemaster oven at the centre of it. Everything I wanted.

Photo 09-03-2017, 12 05 39

Mostly it’s a practical space, designed by Mr Cakey and I to accommodate good work areas, a big sink for soaking pans, cupboards and a floor that wipe down easily (you gotta think of these things when you are cooking for public consumption) but we went for the least practical of worktops. It’s the only thing I have picked in the house where form has won out over function; oak worktops.

We knew the care and commitment wood worktops demand having had them in a previous property and my, they are beautiful but boy do I flip my lid if you get any (and I mean ANY) water on them. ‘Wipe it up or it’ll mark’, I yell. I don’t even need to be in the room to know if a worktop code violation has been committed. I just know.

Photo 09-03-2017, 11 59 43If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll be familiar with my oven as if forms the backdrop of almost all the cake photos I post. I love my oven. When we sold our last house the buyer wanted to purchase the oven from us. No way. It’s mine. Get your own oven. In a nutshell, that’s how I feel about it. The memory of buying this oven before we had the keys to our first home together makes it even more special. On a more practical note, it has lots of space to cook and bake and a hob I can cook up a storm on too. It has paid its way a thousand fold and it’s a wonderful focal point too.

Photo 09-03-2017, 12 00 17Of all the other equipment I have, the thing I would be lost without is my stand mixer. Not a flash Harry Kitchen Aid but a Kenwood Patissier.

Whisking, beating and kneading like a pro since it was bought for me 9 years back. Without this there would be no cake.

I am forever buying new icing tools – it would seem that you can never have enough. The challenge is then to find projects that you can use them on. The icing extruder… yes, there is such a thing – it looks like a medieval torture device but works like a Play Doh tool that squeezes out worms of fondant. When I finally had a fondant rainbow to make, I figured that my moment had arrived and I wasted no time in making that purchase. It hasn’t had enough outings at all but I am hoping to rectify that soon.

Photo 09-03-2017, 12 00 45 (1)The most recent addition to the gadgetry fold is my food dehydrator which was a Christmas present from my sister (I did ask for it, she didn’t just think ‘dried fruit, that’s my sister all over’ – I had to work hard to get it). It took me a while to work up the courage to fire it up but it turns out that it does exactly what it says on the box and dehydrates food a treat. I can’t stop dehydrating fruit, I even dried some banana slices today and I don’t even like dried banana!  I do have a cake in mind for all these slices of dried fruit. It does mean that I need to dry even more (shame that) so watch this space as I will be sharing it soon.


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