Blogging about cakes is a lot harder than baking them

Welcome to my new baking blog where I will attempt to entertain you in my journey through the world of baking cakes, icing cakes and eating cakes.

First, some introductions; I am Cakey Weller. Usually known as Kate but renamed many years back by the 2 year old son of a friend who couldn’t say my name so decided ‘Cakey’ was a more fitting moniker. Friends (and family) took to it and the nickname stuck. As my baking obsession has progressed I have grown more and more into the name too.

The journey from ingredients though to a highly decorated cake which is full of flavour has always been an enjoyable one for me. Maybe it’s the chemist in me loving all the weighing and measuring or maybe it’s the stifled artist that wants to create an original masterpiece – but each cake is a joy to make, no matter how much midnight oil is burnt in the process (and yes, I am talking about you Hogwarts cake!).

Cakey Weller as a business only started this year after having been inspected by the local authority and receiving a 5 star rating. Once the inspection had been completed and I had my rating window sticker in my hand I no longer had any excuse to not get on and bake for Hampshire – after all I had been classified as top notch hygienic by an ‘official’ who even had a white coat!

I am based in Alton, Hampshire and much of my business is local (I deliver for free within a 15 miles radius) but my cakes have travelled to Hampton, Farnborough, Bracknell, Hertford and even Suffolk. I’m happy for people to drop by and see the Cakey kitchen to collect their cakes or it’s worth asking about delivery as something can usually be worked out; I hate to think of anyone missing out on cake.

As a busy mum of two much of my baking (or caking as I call it) happens at nap time and after hours when the kids are finally in bed and not getting under my feet, stealing precious icing (all leftovers are property of Cakey – a pleasure that I am not so guilty about). They both love to help so when the goods are not for public consumption they lend a hand, mixing cookie dough (eating cookie dough), cutting, icing, glazing pastry, sifting icing sugar (covering the kitchen in icing sugar) and as time goes on the jobs get bigger. It’s all good practice and I love them getting involved. I have even been told ‘when I grow up, I hope I have a baking business like you mummy’. I suspect a lot of that ambition is based around the cupboard full of beautiful coloured icing and sprinkles I have!

As my blog progresses I will show off some bakes, share my successes (and the wonky, sunken cakes too), share a few tips and recipes and show you what baking trends are catching my eye and we can rumble through this baking jungle together.

Next…catering for food intolerance and still getting a beautiful cake. ┬áSee you there.

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